EPIC Adventures is the first and only 100% outdoor teen adventure camp based in Texas. We have a simple goal: to guide young adults in unique outdoor experiences that encourage them to reach beyond their limits in order to grow into mature, self-confident leaders.
Here are three reasons our programs stand out!


#1 – More than a camp

“Wait. You travel in a van and trailer? You don’t have a ‘home’ camp location? You spend ALL your time outside? No phones?”

Yep! We have a pretty unique mindset when it comes to camp. While we love traditional camps, we realize many teens have already gained everything they can from them – and now they’re looking for the next level up. EPIC Adventures invites campers ages 13-17 to come on a journey of self-discovery where they will be challenged, learn new skills, form lasting friendships, and come away inspired and confident to tackle their goals and dreams! We realize that achieving this outcome requires a fine balance of freedom and responsibility. Most teens are eager for both! This is why we teach backcountry skills to campers vs. doing it for them. It’s why we leave technology behind in order to stay 100% in the present. It’s also why we provide leadership, teamwork and service opportunities, cheer each other on during tough trail days, swap life stories, reflect on our journey together, partner up for camp chores, sing our lungs out in the van, kayak 50-mile stretches, hike mountains and play hard in waterfalls. Every component blends together for a rich, unforgettable experience that has the power to shape who we are and where we will go.

On an EPIC Adventures trip, you can truly define your life through adventure.


#2 – Inspirational and relatable staff


Our staff are selected because they are great role models and because they are fun, energetic, responsible, caring, outdoorsy, motivating, humble, and adventurous. They are great leaders and love spending time making a difference for teens! We train hard together in order to provide the highest quality experiences for campers in all areas, especially with safety and amazing programming.




#3 – We provide all gear, instruction, and transportation!

We’re a resourceful team and we believe things don’t have to be fancy to be fun! No experience is required. We teach you all the necessary skills – you can start from the beginning and learn with us. We also provide all major gear and equipment so that you don’t have to. While our gear may not have the latest bells and whistles, we make sure it is safe and functional, and we are living proof that using creativity and learning to work with the basics is empowering. Trust us – you’ll never forget the sense of accomplishment when you’ve set up your own tarp shelter with your team to weather an unexpected rain shower! All activity costs, food and travel expenses are included in one straightforward registration cost. In addition, as long as you live within driving distance of Dallas or Austin, TX, no airfare is required.


Who should participate

Teens ages 13-17 who are fun-loving, adventurous, want to make new friends, like the outdoors, and are willing to get outside their comfort zone will have a blast on our trips! No experience is required – simply good character, desire to learn, and readiness to actively participate from Day One.




At a glance: Why EPIC Adventures?
    • Max 4:1 leader to student ratio and max group size of 15 – meaningful connections and maximized learning environment
    • Every day is fun and challenging vs. just “hanging out”
    • No expensive airfare or expensive equipment to purchase
    • Authentic wilderness and backcountry adventure
    • We travel to incredible destinations and move locations often, offering the chance to see and do more than traditional camps
    • Not just for the experienced – beginners welcome!
    • Increased confidence as a result of the hands-on leadership and teamwork roles campers will take up
    • First and only 100% outdoor camp in Texas: we camp and cook our own food every night