Texas Adventure Camp for TeensEPIC Adventures is an action-packed and thrilling learning summer camp in Texas designed especially for teens to give a whole new meaning to outdoor adventure. Our Texas adventure camp is for teenagers between 13-17 years. Summer camp activities are designed and planned to not only boost their personal development and confidence, but also give teens a chance to encounter challenges and tasks that they would seldom be faced with in daily routine.

Your teen will receive an unforgettable experience and an even more memorable summer when you choose a Texas adventure camp like EPIC Adventures. Read on for more information on what we have to offer at this amazing adventure camp in Texas.

Summer Camp for Teens

EPIC Adventures is the first and only 100% outdoor teen adventure camp in Texas. We give teenagers the opportunity to test their limits, face their fears, challenge their abilities and come out victorious on the other side. Our Texas adventure camp aims at molding teenagers into the leaders of tomorrow by providing training, motivation, and guidance by role models.

EPIC’s adventure camp in Texas is for the adventure enthusiasts who want to spend their days packed with fun-filled activities, and their nights camping under the shining stars. We have a variety of outdoor activities designed to give teens a lifetime experience that will stay with them forever. Activities at our Texas adventure camp include kayaking, caving, backpacking, rock climbing, and much more. Epic Adventures‘ campers not only make new friends and learn new things, they even get to cook their own meals!

Here at EPIC adventure camps in Texas, your teen is in for an unforgettable adventure. Read about all off the amazing adventures our 2014 Adventure Camps program includes:

  • Texas Adventure – the 12 day program takes a bit of all fun activities like camping, hiking, kayaking and more.
  • EPIC Alaska– set in the heart of Alaska, this 21 day teen adventure camp in Alaska will take campers to see glaciers, mountains, whales and bears for activities like ice climbing, whitewater rafting, glacier hiking and more.
  • Ultimate Arkansas – during this 14 day teen adventure camp in Arkansas, discover why Ozarks and Quachita mountains of Arkansas are called “The Natural State”.
  • Blue Ridge Expedition – explore the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and East Tennessee in this exciting 12 day trip.
  • Discover Kayak – for those who love to paddle, this 9 day kayak adventure camp is all about paddling in the spring-fed river in addition to learning first aid medical attention.

Service Trips

This program ensures that students who live in foreign countries are able to give something back to their people. The outdoor adventures of volcano boarding, surfing, and back packing (and a lot more) are combined with volunteering activities to generate an unforgettably rewarding trip.

Study Abroad

With our study abroad programs, we aim at giving students a chance to experience the foreign country beyond its college campus and classroom. The program ranges from three to nine weeks and can be combined with the Service Trip to make the most out of it.

The Service Trip and Study Abroad locations are:

Concerns Regarding EPIC’s Teen Adventure Camp

When it comes to finding the best, and safest, adventure camp in Texas, the foremost concern of parents is safety. EPIC Adventures assures you that all of our programs are safe, and they are supervised by professional trainers. The teens will come back as mature and confident, young adults.

As far camping gear is concerned, everything is included in the price of the camping program.

Call us or visit our Contact Us page for any queries or concerns you might have regarding our adventure camps in Texas and let us help your teen make the most out of their summer.

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