EPIC Adventures offers some excellent teen travel camps. Unlike many traditional summer camps for teens that offer programs at a closed campus, EPIC Adventures focus on getting campers out and about to unique and amazing destinations. Teens travel using a 15 passenger van and a trailer to carry all of the gear. A typical camp session lasts anywhere from 14-23 days and teens get the opportunity to backpack, rock climb, mountain bike, camp, hike, cook, whitewater raft, kayak, and travel with new friends!

At EPIC Adventures we think everyone should travel as much as possible. Following the spirit of our slogan – “Explore Beyond the Destination. Discover the Journey!” – we use our teen travel camps to spark imagination, encourage campers to think outside the box, and enjoy the moment. Traveling is good for the soul and allows teens opportunities to “hit the reset switch” by providing time to reflect and focus on what they want to get out of life. It is our goal that everyone walks away from our travel camps with a feeling of accomplishment and the confidence to pursue an ambitious set of goals!

EPIC Adventures teen travel camps are specifically designed to provide a rich and meaningful experience for ages 13-17. As we all know, the teenage years are often an awkward and difficult period in kids’ lives. They want to be treated like an adult but still have the tendencies of a young child. Parents are unsure of what to do with their teen, because suddenly they don’t want to do anything they did the summer before and everything else sounds “dumb.” What teens are really saying is, “I want to be free and do something without my parents telling me how to do it.” EPIC Adventures also realizes that as youth begin their teen years, summers become increasingly important mile markers in their lives. Our programs are carefully designed and managed to provide teens the chance to take the responsibility they desperately want and need, but don’t know how to get. We understand teens and we know how to cultivate the best in their dreams and aspirations. Travel camp provides a perfect backdrop for teens to take chances and mature away from the daily pressures at home. These trips are all about them and they love it!