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2313-17$2100*San Marcos

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The 23 Day Texas River Safari + Service

Inspired by the Texas Water Safari, this EPIC adventure is sure to impress in an unforgettable way. This trip will take you from SOURCE to SEA through 255 river miles! Start in the headwaters of the San Marcos River, just below Spring Lake Dam where the springs bubble up to create the river, and follow it all the way to San Antonio Bay. The record is just under 30 hours, but we will take 23 days with rest days along the way, giving us time to fully absorb the hidden secrets of river travel. We will also work with the Texas Water Safari and Protect Texas Rivers to organize some service work along the way.

The first 90 miles of the trip will have us paddling down the San Marcos River all the way to the confluence of the Guadalupe River in Gonzales, TX. From there the Guadalupe River will take us downstream towards Hoehiem, Cuero, and Victoria before we finish in San Antonio Bay!

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This EPIC Adventure pushes off from the headwaters in San Marcos and winds its way down 86 miles over 6 days and 5 nights to the confluence of the Guadalupe River in Gonzales, Texas. The San Marcos River is known for its hundreds of springs bubbling up from the Edwards Aquifer, its consistent flow, and for maintaining a perfect 72°F temperature all year long. Many regard it as one of the premiere rivers in Texas for paddling all year round. The majority of the river is Class I and II, with a Class III rapid near Martindale, Texas. Since the vast majority of the river is surrounded by private land, paddling is the best way to see its hidden secrets! After reaching the Guadalupe River, we finish the trip about 4 miles further down in Gonzales.

This all inclusive adventure includes all necessary boats, PFD’s, shuttles, guides, tents, sleeping bags, ground pads, and meals. The only things not included are your personal items and any additional snacks you would like to have on the trip. We provide trail mix, crackers, and granola bars. All you need to do is show up and we will take care of the rest!

If you have ever thought about testing your skills on the world famous Texas Water Safari, this is a great way to see how ready you really are!


NO experience is required. We will spend time working with campers teaching them proper paddling techniques, how to read water, and various other tricks of the trade to help ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip.

You do not need to own your own boat. We will provide all of the equipment. However, if you do want to bring your own boat that is okay with us. Please check with us first to make sure your boat is the right fit for the trip.

Simply bring yourself, a few changes of clothes, a headlamp, and a water bottle. You will get a suggested packing list once you register. We supply 90% of everything you need!

Absolutely! 95% of EPIC Adventures campers come by themselves. It’s a great way to make friends.

Generally participants in average shape with average physical ability should be able to complete the trip. The hardest part of the trip is maintaining mental toughness and remaining positive when tired. This is a marathon type of trip and not a sprint! Obviously, overall fitness level and paddling experience will have a big impact on how hard the trip is for everyone.

Each day we will average between 10-20 miles river miles per day. If the group is feeling good we may paddle further and if not we may shorten the day. It really depends on the group, water levels, and overall morale.

Depending on the water levels and ability of the paddler you can expect to be on the water about 8 hours a day. This includes rest stops and lunch. We will also try to do some moonlight paddling during the full moon if the conditions are safe.

The San Marcos River is a relatively narrow river with many twist and turns. The river maintains a reasonable current for the most part but there are several sections of flat water. In addition, there are several dams that must be portaged. Most of the river is very tame and contains Class I and II rapids. Depending on the water level we may encounter a Class III rapid that can be portaged if we feel it is unsafe to run.

Each night we will camp out along the river. We will provide all of the camping equipment and set up camp along the river. We will use some of the public campgrounds, islands, and sand bars along the way.

We will carry all of our gear down the river with us. Our support staff will have some supply drops for us along the way.

We can’t do any fishing along the way. Per state law we are not permitted to allow fishing on these trips. Honestly, the gear typically gets in the way and when we are not paddling most people want to just hang out and relax.



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