No. We will teach you all the skills that you’ll need.  However, it is essential that you be committed to the trip you choose.

The most important ingredient for you having a great experience is your commitment and motivation to attend. Adventure camp is both fun and challenging, but age appropriate. Just bring a good attitude and willingness to spend time outdoors trying new activities!

It really depends on the specific trip for which you are registered. You can find out when and where each trip meets by going to the “Camp Forms” page, where you will see a link for “Directions to Camp” listed under each trip. You will also get an email with all of this information after your registration is complete.

We will spend most of our time traveling by foot or down a river on a boat as part of the day’s activities. We will also periodically travel via a passenger van with an equipment trailer. Less than 10% of our time will be spent traveling in the van and more than 90% of the time we will be enjoying the outdoors.

Every group is different. We do not allow cliques or groups of boys or girls to dominate the dynamics of the group. Everyone has an equal chance to participate and we encourage everyone to interact with different team members regardless of gender. There are both male and female guides on every program. In the event that there is only one boy or girl on a program we will call and discuss options with you.

Your safety is our number one priority. Our instructors and guides are well qualified to lead all aspects of your program and we have an excellent safety record. Check out our safety page for more info.

Most of all, you will learn about yourself. You will grow more confident, self-reliant and independent. Through living and working with others, you’ll learn the value of teamwork and leadership while learning about the outdoors, nature and adventure skills. We cook our meals together every night so you will learn to cook!

We will be camping most every night in tents or under tarps. Typically, the first few nights we camp in tents near the van in campgrounds close to where the activities are located, and then usually under tarps during the backpacking trips.

Showers and/or swimming are available most nights except when backpacking.

We hear over and over that our food is delicious, healthy and kid friendly. Some examples…

  • Breakfast: pancakes, fruit danish, assorted berry muffins, oatmeal, assorted cold cereals, Pop Tarts, granola, assorted fresh fruit.
  • Lunch: PB & jelly, bagels, cheese, tuna, cold cuts, hummus, cheese, crackers, summer sausage, assorted fresh fruit, chips, cookies.
  • Dinner: pita pizzas, pasta and rice dishes, macaroni and cheese, hamburgers, chicken burritos, loaded cheese quesadillas, jambalaya, fried chicken, fresh fruit, and vegetables.
  • Dessert: fruit, rice crispy treats, cookies, and chocolate. Snacks: trail mix, gorp, cookies, granola bars and fruit.

Vegetarian alternatives are available.

Most campers will not know anyone before the course begins. If you bring a friend, we insist that you both put effort into building new relationships with the rest of the group or you’ll miss out on one of the best parts of camp – making new friends!

There are always at least two guides with a group. Our camper to staff ratio is always 4:1.

EPIC Adventures’ standards exceed those set by the leading camp accreditation association.  Due to the nature of adventure camp programs, the standards set forth by the U.S. Forest Service provide a better set of guidelines and are considered industry standard for adventure camps. We are fully insured and operate within the standards set forth by the U.S. Forest Service.


If your camper is planning on flying please check with the office prior to booking any flights to confirm what flight times will work. Generally speaking, we require campers to arrive on the earliest flight of the day on the day their trip starts and for the departure flight to be in the late afternoon on the last day of the program. However, each trip is unique and we really need to speak with you to confirm any travel plans other than the standard pick up and drop off.

We recommend checking with the airlines prior to booking to determine the fees and requirements for unaccompanied minors. We will have an EPIC Adventures staff member at the baggage claim with a sign as soon as students arrive. Upon request we can provide you with the name of the staff member that will be meeting the student.

All students participating in an international program with EPIC Adventures a valid USA Passport that does not expire for at least 6 months after the trip date ends. In addition to your passport, we recommend bringing a drivers license (if you have one) and a copy of your birth certificate.

For all other programs, a school identification or drivers license will be sufficient.

EPIC Adventures will ask students when they register if they would like to participate in a carpool. We will send out a contact list of people who have chosen to carpool so they can make the proper arrangements. It is up to each person to contact the others on the list and make arrangements.