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Had a great time with the Texas Adventure campers and now we are excited to welcome the Ultimate Ozark Campers!

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15 Day – Blue Ridge Expedition

  • Blue Ridge Expedition
  • Blue Ridge Expedition
  • Blue Ridge Expedition
  • Blue Ridge Expedition
  • Blue Ridge Expedition
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2017 Blue Ridge Expedition

Dates:DaysAgesCostRound Trip
1513-17$2,150 $1,925Dallas or Austin, TX

Early Bird Ends Jan 1st. Free Shirt!

About the Program


Just like all of our trips, we pick up campers in Austin and then in Dallas on our way to experience the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and East Tennessee. We travel round trip from Texas via a 15 passenger van and trailer. NO AIRFARE or expensive equipment to purchase!  Class II-IV Whitewater Rafting, Rock Climbing, Caving, Backpacking, and Waterfalls are all part of everyday life while on the trip. This is a classic trip through the heart of the Appalachia and home to an abundance of wildlife including black bears! We will find out why they call these mountains The Blue Ridge and The Smoky Mountains and how to survive in the back country with nothing more than what you can carry on your back. Don’t worry there are hundreds of streams to find water and play in while on the backpacking trip. Expect to see plenty of waterfalls and even plan on swimming in a few like Sliding Rock! The Appalachian Mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world and filled with adventure!

Wilderness Camp for Teens Right from the beginning, we make a stop to find out what whitewater rafting is all about! Whitewater rafting is everywhere in the Southeast and we take on four different rivers including two dam controlled and two free flowing rivers!  The diversity among the rafting trips can’t be overstated; from fast and action packed, to remote and wild, the rafting trips are sure to be a highlight. We will raft class II-IV whitewater with local guides who know the rivers inside and out. Caving is almost always considered a favorite activity. When we head deep into a wild cave in private land, campers really get to see how dark it can get. There is a ton of mud and water, climbing, sliding, crawling, etc. This experience is certain to impress even the most seasoned of adventurers. No guided paths, hand rails, or large tour groups; just us and a local guide to explore the underground secrets of the mountains.

Backpacking and rock climbing are the most challenging yet rewarding components of the trip.  Don’t let that scare you off because we have an awesome staff who know how to get the most out of everyone and will make sure that campers have fun! We provide comprehensive instruction prior to all activities ensuring that campers are prepared and ready to set and accomplish goals!  The activities are age appropriate and designed to challenge all skill levels.  The EPIC Adventures staff is well trained in front country and back country safety and always make sure campers feel safe! The sense of accomplishment from hiking to the top of a mountain and back down is a one of a kind feeling the does not fade from memory soon.

The Blue Ridge Expedition is all about whitewater, leadership, backpacking, caving, rock climbing, confidence building, and making great friendships! More return campers sign up for this program a 2nd time than any other program we have!

15 Day Blue Ridge Expedition Itinerary
No Previous Experience or Expensive Gear Required!
Day 1Welcome to Camp / Travel
Day 2Zip Lines Smoky Mountains
Day 3-4EPIC Clinic - Overnight Trip to Eagles Bluff
Day 5Caving
Day 6-7Whitewater Rafting - Nolichuky River
Day 8Rock Climbing - Start Backpacking Trip
Day 9-12 Finish Backpacking Trip / Waterfalls and Sliding Rock
Day 13Whitewater Rafting - Ocoee River
Day 14EPIC Banquet, Pack and Clean Gear, Travel
Day 15Depart for Home

Rock Climbing Looking Glass Area

Teen Rock climbing at Camp Since EPIC Adventures is an adventure camp, when we go rock climbing- we  climb on real rock outside, not in a gym or a man-made climbing wall. Looking Glass is the premier rock climbing destination in the Southeast, attracting climbers from across the globe. Campers will be given proper hands-on instruction by well qualified guides on belaying techniques, knot tying, climbing, rappelling, and how to care for the climbing equipment.

Whitewater Rafting Ocoee River

The Ocoee River  (class III – IV) is an awesome big water river with huge, splashy rapids and action packed from start to finish! There are over 26 adventure class rapids on this 5 mile stretch of river with names such as Grumpys, Double Trouble, Tablesaw and Diamond Splitter, which make it one of the South’s most popular rivers. The Ocoee River was also home to the whitewater sports for the 1996 Summer Olympics!


Teens Caving We visit an unspoiled, wild cave that is known for its voluminous size. There are rooms more than 75 feet wide and 250 feet long, with high ceilings that often exceed 100 feet. It is noted for its beautiful formations. After a wild, wet and muddy caving trip, swimming will be a welcome activity as well as  a delicious meal we prepare ourselves outdoors while camping in a National Forest Campground.

Whitewater Rafting Pigeon River

Located on the edge of the Smoky Mountains, this river trip is action packed and fast paced. This dam controlled river never disappoints and we are certain to get soaked on rapids like Powerhouse, Lost Guide, and Double Reactionary just to name a few. This river is sure to get your juices flowing.


teen Backpacking camp

Wilderness Clinic Backpacking in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Teens consistently learn more from our backpacking trips than any other element of camp. They are challenged appropriately and must work together as teams to follow routes, choose campsites, lead the group, build shelters, find and treat water, attend to good health and more! In our wilderness clinic, campers learn wilderness travel and backcountry skills, such as properly packing a pack, route finding, using a map/compass, building a tarp shelter, Leave No Trace Ethics, good expedition behavior, preventing injuries and risk management. Depending on the terrain and elevation gain/loss, hiking will be in the 5-8 mile per day range in the high Blue Ridge Mountains. Campers prepare meals over campfires or stoves each night and set up and sleep in tarp shelters. After the backpacking trip, campers will enjoy a well deserved pizza and ice cream party, wash clothes, and enjoy hot showers!

Whitewater Rafting Nolichucky River Gorge

teen adventure camps rafting The Nolichucky River Gorge (class II – IV) whitewater rafting trip is an adventurous 9 miles of action with 25+ class II-IV rapids. Starting just below the headwaters of the river, the trip winds through the deepest river gorge in the South along the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee surrounded by towering cliffs and flowery rhododendron. The headwaters and tributaries that feed the river are all from the slopes of Mt. Mitchell, the highest mountain on the entire East coast.

Eagle’s Bluffs

This hidden place is perched 2000’ above the Nolichucky River overlooking one of the class IV rapids we will raft. From here the rafts will look like little rubber ducks floating down the river! We will hike down to the rim of the second deepest river gorge on the East coast, crossing several creeks and streams along the way. A great way to warm up and get ready for our multi-day backpacking trip.

Zip Lining Smoky Mountains

Located on the edge of the Smoky Mountains, this zip line trip is action packed and exhilarating. Discover the tree tops as you zip along a 1300′ long zip line 120′ above the river! This is sure to get your juices flowing.

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