EPIC Adventures Summer Camps for teens are designed especially for coed teenagers 13-17 who want to have an unforgettably unique summer! Our summer programs provide excellent opportunities for teens to explore the outdoors, make new friends, develop leadership skills, and TRAVEL. We spend all summer traveling to Awesome Destinations on EPIC Adventures with incredibly Wonderful People!

Consistent with our core values, we aim to create  unique opportunities for young adults to reach beyond their limits where they can be challenged to grow and mature into confident leaders. We do this through travel, service, and high adventure programs led by well-trained, motivated, and experienced role models.  We are extremely proud of the lasting impact our trips have had on our alumni over the years! Ask us for references.
We are not a therapeutic camp for at-risk teens. and we only take those who have good moral character and want to be here!

Summer Camps for Teens

Teen Adventure Camps

We are the first and only 100% all outdoor teen adventure summer camp located in Texas! EPIC Adventures summer adventure camp is designed as a summer camp for teens who are looking for more than just a place to hang out for a week. Our coed summer camps for teens offer the opportunity to spend the summer exploring the outdoors, meeting new friends, and developing leadership characteristics. EPIC’s Summer adventure camp programs are dynamic in nature and are geared for boys and girls ages 13-17.

Our summer adventure camp activities include backpacking, rock climbing, caving, whitewater rafting, kayaking, camping, and more….We leave the cabins behind and spend our time camping under the stars to enjoy all that mother nature has to offer. Learn to camp and cook outside and leave the cabins and cafeteria behind for the less adventurous!  We provide more than just a camp experience; we offer teens unique lifetime experiences that will be with them long after summer ends!

Teen Camper

No experience is required and all of the major gear and supplies are included in the cost of tuition. What you see is what you get when it comes to price. There are no fees for gear rental, lodging, food, etc… We PROVIDE EVERYTHING campers need beyond that of a traditional camp. We provide comprehensive instruction for all activities so previous experience is not a requirement for camp.

Our teen adventures camps are not boot camps or rehabilitation camps. Campers actively participate in all of the activities. We only accept teens who really want to be there. Our campers are good kids! It is important for campers to focus on having fun and live in the moment while at camp. Therefore we do not allow campers who might be a distraction to the group attend. Campers are selected based on their desire to participate from day one, and teens who do not want to attend are not allowed to enroll. This is not a camp for troubled teens. We are a camp for GOOD TEENS who display good character, a desire to learn, and an overall zeal for life!


Service Trips

Teen Service

We believe giving back is not only awesome, but it is ton’s of fun. EPIC Adventures offers a variety of service trips for teens. Our summer volunteering trips for teens are action- packed and provide students with a unique and fun way to give back. Working together with local organizations, we have designed some EPIC service trips to allow students who love the outdoors the chance to volunteer.  As much as we enjoy having fun, we think it is important for us to give back when we can. Volunteering is not only fun but a great way to gain perspective. It is very easy to forget just how blessed we are or how our actions impact the environment.  We want our students to have the chance to step back and see the world from a view they might not have thought about. Looking at things from different angles leaves students more humble and aware of how big of an impact they can make on the world and others around them. Our vision is for alumni to reflect upon their time with us as a defining moment in their lives where they can gain some purpose and direction. What better way than teaching them to give back!

In addition to the unforgettable personal experience students gain, they will also be able to use their volunteer hours on college applications helping them stand out by showing they are mature and ready to make a difference in the world. Students who complete one of our service trips will receive a certificate of completion showing the number of hours completed and are eligible for a letter of recommendation.

Some of the things campers learn while at one of our summer camps for teens!

Summer Camps for Teens

  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Perspective
  • Low Impact Wilderness Camping and Backpacking (Leave No Trace)
  • Rock Climbing Skills
  • How to Travel Safely in a Wilderness Environment
  • How to Plan and Lead a Backpacking Trip
  • Camping, Cooking, Animal Awareness Skills
  • Local and Natural History of the Areas we Travel
  • Basic Survival Skills

Why Epic Adventures

  • Campers are not stuck in one spot so they get to see and do more than they would at a traditional camp
  • We camp out every night and cook our own food! Pita Pizza, Quesadillas, Spaghetti, Mac & Cheese…..
  • It is fun and challenging; everyday all day is an activity
  • EPIC Adventure campers have the best stories to tell their friends when they get home
  • Campers become more confident as a result of the hands-on leadership roles they will be required to take


At EPIC Adventures, teens spend all of their time traveling to various locations actively participating and learning how to backpack, rock climb, raft, kayak, camp, cook, and explore caves during our teen summer adventure camp programs.  Most traditional camps that offer rock climbing go climbing on an artificial climbing wall or in a climbing gym.  As part of the core of our summer camps for teens, campers travel to a natural location for all of the activities and rely on Mother Nature for their fun.  This is NOT a traditional residential summer camp where campers sleep in cabins and spend their time participating in less adventurous activities like water slides, archery, or arts and crafts.  EPIC Adventures teen adventure camps offer more opportunity for teens to grow by challenging campers to set and reach daily goals as part of the program.  These opportunities help campers not only to become more confident but also gain a better understanding of responsibility away from the daily pressures of home and school.  As a result of the structure of adventure camp, leadership and confidence building occur naturally helping to prepare campers for college and adulthood.  Most of all, adventure camps are fun and offer more time to participate in these exciting activities!

What to Expect from EPIC Adventures

Parents should expect that EPIC’s number one concerns is safety. In addition, EPIC places an emphasis on confidence building, personal responsibility, setting goals, motivation, and teamwork. The activities are age appropriate and designed to challenge all skill levels. Campers are encouraged to push themselves to achieve daily goals helping to reinforce our mission: “…challenging them to grow and mature…”

Campers should expect to meet new friends, learn new things, explore amazing places, and to leave camp with stories they will tell for the rest of their life. EPIC leaves the cabins and cafeteria behind opting instead to build tents and cook their own food. If campers are looking to go on a real camp adventure and not just “hang out,” EPIC Adventures is the place. Our adventures involve rock climbing, rafting, backpacking, and more. Our campers will be the one with all of the cool stories they will be telling their friends!

Summer Camps for Teens

Camp Life

Every day is unique but generally most of the days will begin with a short quiet time before the group splits into teams to prepare breakfast, break camp, and prepare for the days activities. The rest of the day is spent actively participating in the day’s activities.  Usually late in the afternoon the group will begin to set up camp and begin preparing dinner, planning for the next day, team building, and reflecting on the day’s achievements.  Lights are out after time around the campfire so that campers can enjoy the stars! Some days will require travel time and offers campers a chance to rest and relax while taking in the views.

2018 Trips





Round Trip



TEXAS Adventure6/16-6/30
San Marcos, TXSave $300 - Early Bird
The Texas 15 Day Adventure program is a little of everything the Texas outdoors has to offer. Activities include: Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Kayaking.
Ultimate Ozarks + Service7/1-7/15
Dallas or Austin, TXSave $300 - Early Bird
Explore the Ozarks and Quachita mountains of Arkansas and discover why it’s called “The Natural State." Activities include: Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Kayaking, Service
Blue Ridge Expedition + Service7/14-7/291613-17$2,400
Dallas or Austin, TXSave $300 - Early Bird
Experience the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and East Tennessee. Activities include: Hiking, Whitewater Rafting Trips, Caving, Service.
San Marcos River Quest6/16-6/23813-17$975
San Marcos, TXSave $200 - Early Bird
Paddle an entire river! Float the 72 degree spring fed river 90 miles over 8 days until it merges with the Guadalupe.
Texas River Safari + Service6/16-7/82313-17$2,100
San Marcos, TXSave $300 - Early Bird
SOURCE to SEA and 255 river miles! Starting in the headwaters of the San Marcos River just below Spring Lake Dam where the springs bubble up to create the river and follow it all the way to San Antonio Bay.
EPIC New Mexico + Service7/21-8/51613-17$2,400
Fort Worth or Austin, TXSave $300 - Early Bird
Find out what the "Land of Enchantment" is all about as we explore the rivers, backcountry, and hidden lakes of the Northern New Mexico.
ArklaTex + Service6/16-7/153013-17$3,500
San Marcos, Dallas, & Austin TXSave $500 - Early Bird
This trip combines both the Texas Adventure and the Ultimate Arkansas trip into one EPIC Adventure!
ArkanRidge + Service7/1-7/292913-17$3,500
Dallas or Austin, TXSave $500 - Early Bird
This 29 day adventure combines the Ultimate Ozark and Blue Ridge Expedition together to create an EPIC 30 day trip.