EPIC Adventure Camps in Texas offers the best summer camp for teens because of our commitment to safety and providing your teen with the adventure of a lifetime! We provide unforgettable experiences with even more unforgettable memories where your teen will learn unique skills, make lifelong friends, and gain many traits. EPIC Adventures summer camps for teens want to provide you with just a few reason why you and your teen should pick EPIC as your #1 teen adventure camp choice!

Learn New Skills

Summer Camp for Teens
At EPIC’s summer camp for teens, your teen will learn skills you normally don’t get time for at home. Whether they are studying, out with friends or on their smartphones, teenagers rarely get to learn skills outside of school. With more time on their hands and a need to do so at our summer camp for teens, teenagers learn a variety of new skills that they may not otherwise get time for at home. Such skills EPIC Adventures teaches include cooking, tent-making, foraging, rock climbing and even fishing!

Become a Better Person

When living, interacting and working in groups every day, teenagers learn to be more tolerable, considerate, social and understanding. In many of EPIC’s summer camp for teens’ activities, such as kayaking and caving, teens learn how to work in teams and make use of individual strengths for the team’s betterment. They learn that teamwork is, above all, the best way to move forward.

Imagine spending nights out under the stars and viewing Mother Nature in her element. Your teenager will learn to appreciate the world more and begin to understand the need for sustainability. All this and more is available in each of EPIC Adventures’ summer camp for teens!

Technological Independence

While they work as a team, summer camps for teens teach how to be technologically independent. The activities they complete, the skills they acquire, and the time they enjoy teach teenagers that there is more to life than technology. Summer camps for teens educate on how to make strides in their life without ever relying on technology.

While only a few reasons have been listed, there is a whole range of more reasons why summer camps for teens are a great idea. Affordable, friendly, safe, eye-opening, and some of the best fun they will have in their teenage years, summer camps for teens truly are an unforgettable adventure. Parents should be ready for a never-ending line of stories when their teen returns from summer camp.

Don’t hesitate on starting your EPIC Adventure! Contact Us for more information on our summer camps for teens and everything we have to offer. We look forward to meeting you!