Teen Summer Service Trips In the USA

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EPIC Adventures offers a variety of service trips for teens. All of our programs are round trip from Texas and we travel via a 15 passenger van with a trailer. NO EXPENSIVE AIRFARE or EQUIPMENT to purchase. Our summer volunteering trips for teens are action-packed and provide students with a unique and fun way to give back. Working together with local organizations, we have designed some EPIC service trips combining love for the outdoors and a passion for service!

We believe volunteering is not only fun, but a great way to gain perspective. It is very easy to forget just how blessed we are or how our actions impact the environment.  We want our students to have the chance to step back and see the world from a view they might not have thought about. Looking at things from different angles leaves students more humble and aware of how big of an impact they can make on the world and others around them. Our vision is for alumni to reflect upon their time with us as a defining moment in their lives where they can gain purpose and direction. What better way than by teaching them to give back!

In addition to the unforgettable personal experience students gain, they will also be able to use their volunteer hours on college applications, helping them stand out by showing they are mature and ready to make a difference in the world. Students who complete one of our service trips will receive a certificate of completion showing the number of hours completed and are eligible for a letter of recommendation.

2018 Trips



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Ultimate Ozarks + Service7/1-7/15
1518 Hours$1,850
Dallas or Austin, TXSave $100 - Early Bird
Explore the Ozarks and Quachita mountains of Arkansas and discover why it’s called “The Natural State." Activities include: Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Kayaking, Service.
Blue Ridge Expedition + Service7/14-7/291610 Hours$2,400
Dallas or Austin, TXSave $100 - Early Bird
Experience the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and East Tennessee. Activities include: Hiking, Whitewater Rafting Trips, Caving, Service.
Texas River Safari + Service6/16-7/82330 Hours$2,100
San Marcos, TXSave $100 - Early Bird
SOURCE to SEA and 255 river miles! Start in the headwaters of the San Marcos River just below Spring Lake Dam where the springs bubble up to create the river and follow it all the way to San Antonio Bay.
EPIC New Mexico + Service7/21-8/51616 Hours$2,400
Fort Worth or Austin, TXSave $100 - Early Bird
Find out what the "Land of Enchantment" is all about as we explore the rivers, backcountry, and hidden lakes of Northern New Mexico.
ArklaTex +
6/16-7/153018 Hours$3,500
San Marcos, Dallas, & Austin TXSave $300 - Early Bird
This trip combines both the Texas Adventure and the Ultimate Arkansas trip into one EPIC Adventure!
ArkanRidge + Service7/1-7/292928 Hours$3,500
Dallas or Austin, TXSave $300 - Early Bird
This 29 day adventure combines the Ultimate Ozarks and Blue Ridge Expedition together to create an EPIC 4-week trip.
Dates:DaysAgesCostRound Trip
1513-17$2400Dallas or Austin, TX

16 Day Blue Ridge Expedition + Service ItineraryNo Previous Experience or Expensive Gear Required!
Day 1Welcome to Camp / Travel
Day 2Zip Lines Smoky Mountains
Day 3EPIC Clinic - Day Hike to River Overlook
Day 4-5Overnight Backpacking Trip to Eagles Bluff
Day 6Caving / Laundry
Day 7Whitewater Rafting - Nolichuky River
Day 8Service Day with River Link
Day 9-13 Backpacking Trip, Waterfalls, and Sliding Rock
Day 14Whitewater Rafting - Ocoee River
Day 15EPIC Banquet, Pack and Clean Gear, Travel
Day 16Depart for Home