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Had a great time with the Texas Adventure campers and now we are excited to welcome the Ultimate Ozark Campers!

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Texas Adventure campers are doing great! Postcards are in the mail and will probably arrive Tuesday. Email update...

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What a great summer so far! Texas Adventure campers are doing great and had a blast climbing yesterday. Summit...

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ESTBOUND AND DOWN, Summit Service campers are all picked up and rolling down the highway! Texas Adventure...


Summit Service – 2015

Here is a copy of the parent updates that parents received every 3-5 days throughout the trip. In addition, we also send out several pictures and social media post with additional updates. Monday the zip lines were a welcome break from the drive. They arrived just after lunch to zip and everyone was all smiles and excited. Everyone had such a great time and would have stayed all day if they could. Afterwards we headed over to the Nolichucky River and picked up pizza on the way to a cabin on the river. After dinner they hung out next to the river and enjoyed a nice campfire to officially kick of the trip! Tuesday the spent the day hanging out with some special needs teens picnicking above the dam and rafting on the Watauga River. The Watauga River is a dam released class I-II rafting trip that starts at the

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Up the Mountain & Headed Down!

Five short days ago, the campers headed out for their backpacking and rock climbing trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Following a short hike in on the first day, they were able to  rock climb and rappell; all of the campers had a great time and were able to make it to the top before the rain came. The next two days were spent hiking 18 miles to the top of the mountain where they enjoyed 360 degree views from 6,000 feet up. After spending a night at the top, the campers started down the other side of the mountain where they were able to take a North Carolina mountain bath in one of the many waterfalls along the trail. Today they will make it back to the van where they will head into town for a celebratory lunch on their way down to the Ocoee River for even more

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Back On The Trail

We have some catching up to do! Congratulations to the Ultimate Arkansas Teen Campers for making it through an awesome 14 day trip. The Kayak trip was a success and the campers did great paddling 30+ miles in record time. To celebrate the campers voted to stop at the Western Sizzlin for a well-deserved 100 item buffet. I think they tried all 100 items! Before heading home the campers also voted to skip the river tubing in lieue of a gem mine they found along the way. After a successful day of mining and packing everyone went home to tell their stories of adventure. We would like to say THANK YOU to all of the campers who made the trip and look forward to seeing you all again sooner rather than later. We would also like to say welcome to the Blue Ridge Expedition Teen Campers. The campers have had

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Fun was had by all

What a trip the Ultimate Arkansas teens are having! Following their backpacking trip the campers spent a day cleaning up, doing laundry, and going out to eat on their way to explore a cave in the Ozarks mountains. The cave trip was EPIC! Normally we spend about four hours in the cave crawling, climbing, and getting muddy. However, the trip was going so well that we decided to spend seven hours in the cave! Both the backpacking and cave trip have pushed the campers out of their comfort zones and allowed them to enjoy a real sense of accomplishment. Everyone is still having fun and were all smiles when they began their four day three night kayak river trip. Tomorrow the campers will end their river trip and start to head back towards home. But before they head home they will make another stop to celebrate their accomplishments while relaxing

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Big Days on the River!

The Ultimate Arkansas Campers are finishing up their backpacking trip today where they will end at a huge waterfall so they can swim and get cleaned up before heading back into civilization. After four nights and five days on the trail the campers have plenty of stories to tell when they get home. The first part of the trip was pretty tough for everyone with the climb, so we decided to take a day of rest and spent one day camping in the valley by a creek so everyone could rest up and get ready for the rest of the trip. Following the day of rest the campers made their way down to the river where the afternoon was spent exploring swimming holes and natural slides near the riverside camp site. Following their waterfall bath they are going to head to town for lunch, laundry, and ice water! Tomorrow starts

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All is well!

Discover Kayak campers are doing great and have been having a blast on the water. They are all now American Red Cross CPR & First Aid certified! All of them have been very impressive and each of them have found success on the river in the whitewater kayaks. Monday was spent checking out the headwaters of the San Marcos River via the glass bottom boats on Spring Lake. The campers REALLY enjoyed this and learned a ton of cool information, you will have to ask your campers about this when they get home. All of them are now running class II rapids with confidence and are looking forward to the overnight trip starting on Friday. Today was spent learning some basic swiftwater rescue skills every kayaker should know and they enjoyed the hands on part of this class. We will try to get some pictures up for you guys tomorrow

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And the Journeys Begin!

Saturday was a big day at EPIC Adventures where we welcomed two group of campers who arrived for the Discover Kayak 9 day and Ultimate Arkansas 12 day. After a rough start and arriving a little late for the pickup in Austin the Ultimate Arkansas campers made it to their first camp around 6:00 pm. Yesterday was spent learning how to use the backpacking stoves, water filters, and how to set up tents. After lunch they took a small hike up to a swimming hole in the backcountry. Today they will start their backpacking trip and will be backpacking about 27 miles this week!     The Discover Kayakers have quickly become a tight knit group of campers whom are a really fun and laid back group. The first full day of camp was spent kayaking down the river in sit-on-top kayaks getting used to the feel of the water

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Happy Trails To You, Until We Meet Again…

We have a little catching up to do! We would like to say thanks to all of the Texas Adventure 12 Day campers who have gone home. The trip was a success and everyone seemed to have a great time despite a few bumps along the way. The backpack trip went well and everyone made it to the top! After several nights in the mountains they made their way back down and had a great time at a local restaurant with AMAZING views of the surrounding mountains. Campers were excited to get a cooked meal and to celebrate their accomplishments. Great group of campers who did an amazing job overcoming any obstacle placed in front of them. We are very proud to say we had the opportunity to hang out with such a great group of teens! We have not forgotten about pictures and are working to get them together

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To the mountains and beyond!

“That was the coolest thing I have ever seen”                                     Camper: AJ The campers made it down the river and through the canyons successfully picking up a few good stories to tell. The campers have definitely become good friends and have even set up their own “family tree.” You will have to have them explain the “family tree” to you once they get home, not sure the blog will do it justice. In addition, Hugo has turned them all on to a card game they all enjoy playing in their free time. Lots of laughter and fun is being had by all of the campers. They did not finish their kayaking trip until late in the day so showers were delayed until the next morning. After showers they decide to skip the day

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Take me to the river and drop me in the water!

Imagine a moon so bright that you don’t need a flashlight to read!  Only a few days removed from a full moon and that’s how bright the moon was on their first night in the desert.  The trip is moving along well and campers have settled into the groove of things with each camper finding their stride. Everyone started to get excited when they got their first glimpse of the mountains and their imagination began to run wild at the sight of the surrounding desert.  Once camp was set up, the campers whipped up a camp favorite for dinner.  EPIC mashed potatoes is a camper-inspired creation of potatoes, chicken, green beans, cheese, and corn all mixed together. As strange as this may sound to some, this is always a big hit. Maybe your campers can fix it for you when they get home.  To fuel up one last time before packing

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On the Road Again

What an EPIC Adventure the campers are having. Sunday was a great day of climbing and an even better sunset! Campers have already started to act like old friends from far away, it’s like they have known each other for years. Our veteran camper Colin has been showing everyone the ropes and has fast become the go to guy for all things EPIC. Van was having some overheating problems yesterday morning heading out of town so we decided to wait on a new van and spent one more night at Enchanted Rock where they enjoyed one more amazing sunset. They did not seem to mind the wait and they got to stop and eat some Whataburger for lunch while we had the mechanic check the van out. Campers now have a new van and are ready to head out so they can get started on their 33 mile river trip

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We made it!

The campers made it and were able to get camp set up! Tonight they are cooking up some tacos for dinner to give them the fuel they need to take on rock climbing in the morning! Group is getting along well and everybody seems to be excited and ready to get the first day over with.  After dinner they are probably going to take a small night hike to check out the stars and night time critters that may be wondering around.  They have to meet their climbing guide bright and early in the morning  so they will not stay out too late.  Sorry we don’t have much more than that right now but we will get some more info and hopefully some pictures up soon. -Team EPIC-

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Happy Valentine’s Day Summer Camp

Valentine’s Day is a day to tell that certain someone that you love them and to let them know they are special. Here at EPIC Adventures we have decided that we are going to do just that. Summer Camp, We love you and think you are very very special! Without you millions of campers around the world would be left looking for ways to fill their summers. Not only do you make lasting memories, but you provide tons of opportunities for campers of all ages to really grow into themselves. Let’s take a quick looks at some of them. Friendships are made at camp, that might not otherwise be made. Free from the social expectations and pressures at home or school, campers get to relax and just have fun. When everyone is working towards common goals and having fun lasting friendships are made. Independence is gained at camp, and allows

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Explore Beyond the Destination, Discover the Journey!

We are not sure what the weather is like where you are, but it is pretty cold here in San Marcos, Texas. When it gets cold like this Allison and I always think about how cold we were when we traveled through China and Tibet. Five years ago from today, we found ourselves unexpectedly adventuring across China in the heart of winter. When we look back on our pictures, the first thing we remember is how COLD we were. To this day the coldest I have ever been in my life was on the Great Wall of China while enduring sub freezing temperatures and a strong wind. With the cold temperatures sweeping across Texas I think this is a perfect time to share a few of our EPIC cold weather moments. With our bags packed we were ready for an EPIC six month trip around the world, we had everything

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2014 Adventures

2013 was an exciting year for EPIC Adventures Summer Camps! We explored swamps, coastal waters, mountains, rivers, caves, and got to meet some amazing campers. Some campers had so much fun that we saw them several times throughout the summer. Perhaps the thing we are most proud of is we made it through yet another season without any real safety concerns. Everyone made it home safely to their families and friends after their teen adventure. We battled mosquitoes, rapids, cheese grease, flood waters, a flat tire, mountains trails, rain storms, and so much more. To some this may not seem like fun  nor enjoyable. However, EPIC Adventures 2013 summer campers met the challenges head on and had a blast facing them! Congrats to the best teen adventure camp students in the world! Looking ahead to 2014 we could not be more thrilled or excited about what lies ahead. We have

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Our New Adventure!

I am excited to start the EPIC Adventures blog today with the very first article written specifically for the blog. The new blog is going to be a new challenge for us, and we hope to keep readers engaged. We have lots of experience working with campers, students, teens, and parents as well as traveling and the outdoors, but not much experience with blogging. As we progress in the world of blogging, please be patient with us and expect things to change over time until we get this whole thing figured out. Without any real instructions on what a blog should be about, we decided the first big decision we needed to make is what we are going to blog about. With that in mind, we began to look at what exactly EPIC Adventures is all about, what type of outdoor adventure programs we offer, what we are passionate about,

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Hi and welcome to the new EPIC Adventures Blog!

Hi and welcome to the new EPIC Adventures Blog! We are very excited to be starting a blog and hope that you will find it useful in the future. We are planning on keeping parents and campers up to date with trip information, photos, and just all around cool information we think you will like. We are new at the blogging so please be patent with us as we learn how to blog. Let us know what it is you would like us to blog about and we will get on it. Thanks so much for everyone’s support!

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