Do you have a homeschooler or are you part of a homeschool group? Thats awesome and we want to be part of you and your family’s story.

We believe strongly that hands-on experiences are the key to a great education and all of our programs are designed with that in mind. We use the outdoors as our classroom to provide unique opportunities to take on leadership roles, explore boundaries in a controlled setting, and to challenge teens 13-17 to push themselves. We know teenage years are an awkward and difficult time for teens to figure out who they are and how to express their unique personalities in a safe and positive way. Our programs offer teens the chance to hit the “reset switch” and clear their head from the daily pressures of family, school, and their normal rhythm. We surround them with positive role models in inspiring environments to ENCOURAGE teens to REFLECT, DREAM BIG, and take advantage of OPPORTUNITIES!

Summer Camps for Teens:

Our summer adventure camps and service programs are the perfect alternative to the traditional summer camp hosted on a closed campus that most people are familiar with. Don’t get us wrong; we love traditional summer camps!  But we also know that once kids hit their teenage years they have gotten most of what they can out of these type of camps. For many kids, including the founder and executive director of EPIC, heading to camp is something they look forward to all year and reflect upon all year afterwards. Freedom from parents, new friends, fun activities, and just an all around good time. For parents they view summer camp as an opportunity to “let go a little” and further enrich their child’s life. However, once students get a little older and start hitting their teens they begin to lose interest and want to be treated more like an adult rather than a kid. Parents also get frustrated with traditional camps because the majority of their curriculum is designed for pre-teens and not for the needs of their teen. All of EPIC’s summer programs are designed specifically for teens. We know they want to be challenged and encouraged to take chances but we also know parents want them to do it safely. We provide those opportunities in a controlled and safe environment led by well trained staff. The experiences gained at EPIC will give teens unique lifetime experiences that will last long after the summer ends.

Our coed summer camp groups are a healthy mix of traditional students, homeschooled students, and international students. Our teens are great kids who are looking for fun and unique opportunities to develop their personalities. We only accept students who want to attend.  We are not a camp for at risk, troubled youth, or a “boot camp.” Full participation required from each camper. We PROVIDE EVERYTHING they need including all gear, food, lodging, and transportation to and from Texas. Our trips are designed to be challenging but fun and all activities are age appropriate and include comprehensive instruction.

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Custom Trips and Curriculum’s

Part of a local group in the DFW and Austin / San Antonio area and looking for a partner to help build your curriculum? Let us know! We love working with groups to set up regular meetings to teach outdoor skills, teambuilding, and leadership. We can set up a regular “meetup” or a one time event to introduce your group to our world. We have TONS of gear and love showing it off and teaching others how to use it. One of our favorite things to do is plan multi-day trips paddling or hiking somewhere. We can staff our trips to include parents and educators or not. Whether it’s a few hours, a half day, full day, or a multi-day trip, we want to be a resource for you! Every group has unique needs and concerns so give us a call or send us an email so we can put together exactly what your group needs.


Have some tech savvy kids looking for some opportunities to showcase their skills?  Let us know! We are a small company and we know lots about the outdoors and teens but our strength is not in tech.  We love finding ways to provide opportunities for kids to get that much needed experience to hone their skills and boost their resume such as graphic design, content writing, video editing, photoshop, web design, html, etc…