Big Days on the River!

The Ultimate Arkansas Campers are finishing up their backpacking trip today where they will end at a huge waterfall so they can swim and get cleaned up before heading back into civilization. After four nights and five days on the trail the campers have plenty of stories to tell when they get home. The first part of the trip was pretty tough for everyone with the climb, so we decided to take a day of rest and spent one day camping in the valley by a creek so everyone could rest up and get ready for the rest of the trip. Following the day of rest the campers made their way down to the river where the afternoon was spent exploring swimming holes and natural slides near the riverside camp site. Following their waterfall bath they are going to head to town for lunch, laundry, and ice water! Tomorrow starts caving and then on to the river for the multi-day river trip!











DSCN0148Discover Kayakers are still doing well and are currently on the big overnight trip down the river. Yesterday was an easy day and most of the day was spent resting and getting geared up for their big trip. Tomorrow night they will make their way back to base camp for a pizza party and one last night together before heading home. We will try to get some more kayak pictures up in the coming days for everyone to enjoy.

– Team EPIC –