And the Journeys Begin!

Saturday was a big day at EPIC Adventures where we welcomed two group of campers who arrived for the Discover Kayak 9 day and Ultimate Arkansas 12 day. After a rough start and arriving a little late for the pickup in Austin the Ultimate Arkansas campers made it to their first camp around 6:00 pm. Yesterday was spent learning how to use the backpacking stoves, water filters, and how to set up tents. After lunch they took a small hike up to a swimming hole in the backcountry. Today they will start their backpacking trip and will be backpacking about 27 miles this week!





The Discover Kayakers have quickly become a tight knit group of campers whom are a really fun and laid back group. The first full day of camp was spent kayaking down the river in sit-on-top kayaks getting used to the feel of the water and getting their feet wet. Today they are headed to the Spring Lake and the glass bottom boats to discover the headwaters of the San Marcos River. After lunch they will hit the river again to take on the whitewater kayaks with Ben. Most of the day will be filled learning some kayak lingo and how to “roll” their kayak.












-Team EPIC –