Every year we get the chance to meet and mentor some amazing young adults! It’s always special to hear the impact EPIC has had on our alumni. The bonds and memories made on each EPIC Adventures trip for our alumni have become impactful moments that they will share with others for years to come.  If you wish to speak with previous students or parents, let us know! We have references for you that are available upon request. We hope to add you to the list next year!


We were featured in the Austin American Statesmen Summer Camp Edition!

We were included in APR’s Top 19 Hidden Gems in Austin Article

“Your program gave her incredible confidence. She really blossomed into a strong young woman in 12 short days. Your program is giving her the tools to attain her leadership potential.”

Camp Parent  – 14 Year Old Girl

“That was so awesome, I can’t believe that I was able to hike to the top of a mountain! Just Awesome!”

Camper – 14 year old boy

“When I arrived to pick him up he was hugging everyone, high fiving, and talking about how he was going to miss everyone and how all of them were planning  on coming again next year. Even though he was away from his beloved cell phone for 12 days, he was much more interested in telling me all the wonderful things he did than texting with his friends!”

Camp Parent – 13 year old boy

“If I could do this everyday I would! I have made some really, really, really cool friends. I can’t wait until I can come back and work at EPIC Adventures!”

Camper – 15 year old girl

“When my mom asked if I wanted to go to EPIC Adventures, I was not real sure if I would like it but decided to give it a try.  I had been to lots of camps before but nothing  like  this before.  I liked going to different places and how they did not make me feel like a little kid all of the time.”

Camper – 16 year old boy

“Michael had a super time – I heard about the great group you all were together!”

Camp Parent – 15 year old boy