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@myepicadv  Jul 04 - 03:18 am
Had a great time with the Texas Adventure campers and now we are excited to welcome the Ultimate Ozark Campers!

@myepicadv  Jun 26 - 11:36 am
Texas Adventure campers are doing great! Postcards are in the mail and will probably arrive Tuesday. Email update... https://t.co/3dwMMAtSCa

@myepicadv  Jun 21 - 18:43 pm
What a great summer so far! Texas Adventure campers are doing great and had a blast climbing yesterday. Summit... https://t.co/uXW15Djw4w

@myepicadv  Jun 19 - 17:00 pm
ESTBOUND AND DOWN, Summit Service campers are all picked up and rolling down the highway! Texas Adventure... https://t.co/ue5ZpecCYg


Safety is our number one concern. A large part of our training is focused entirely on safety and risk management. All of our trip leaders hold advanced wilderness certifications and carry an extensive first aid kit for emergencies.

Comprehensive instruction is given to all students prior to all activities, and the equipment is inspected regularly to make sure it is in good working condition. We aim to give our students a solid foundation in proper safety techniques so that they can build upon those skills rather than develop unsafe habits to be relearned later on.  Emphasis on safety helps students to develop a sense of awareness for the environment, which we think students will continue to apply long after the program is over.

When appropriate to help minimize the risk and to provide the safest trip possible, we will use professional outfitters. On all international trips we will have local staff members 24/7 who are bilingual to assist in any language, cultural, or medical emergencies that may arise.  Program directors are in constant contact with all of our programs throughout their entirety.