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Had a great time with the Texas Adventure campers and now we are excited to welcome the Ultimate Ozark Campers!

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Texas Adventure campers are doing great! Postcards are in the mail and will probably arrive Tuesday. Email update... https://t.co/3dwMMAtSCa

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What a great summer so far! Texas Adventure campers are doing great and had a blast climbing yesterday. Summit... https://t.co/uXW15Djw4w

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ESTBOUND AND DOWN, Summit Service campers are all picked up and rolling down the highway! Texas Adventure... https://t.co/ue5ZpecCYg




Thank you for your interest in working with EPIC Adventures! We operate as a small but dynamic team committed to the values and culture that make our program successful. Please read through all of the employment information to ensure this opportunity is a great fit for you, and then complete the steps listed under “To Apply.”

Are you:

  • Someone who loves the outdoors and working with teenagers?
  • Someone who is looked up to as a role model?
  • Enrolled in college, or have graduated from college, and have a clean background?
  • An enthusiastic, fun-loving person who stays positive even when things get tough?
  • Interested in growing personally and professionally in unique ways?
  • Trustworthy, creative, a team player, safety conscious and responsible?
  • Available for staff training (starts May 30 for Head Trip Leaders, June 5 for remaining Trip Leaders) and to work at least one of our 2017 trips?

If the answer to all of the above is yes, keep reading!

Pay and Benefits:

  1. Salary
  2. Time Off
  3. Schedule
  4. Benefits


Pay is competitive and based on experience. You’ll need to cover personal expenses, snacks and a few meals while in training and on trips, but otherwise food and lodging are paid while you’re working.

Time Off

Staff must be able to work long, physically demanding days with few days off during the summer. Full-time staff (committed for the entire summer) will receive approximately 6-7 days off in the season. One or two of those days occur between training and the first trip, and the remaining 4-5 days off are given about halfway through the summer. Expect to be “on” 24/7 during the trips and to take advantage of down time with the campers and your fellow guides!


Head Leaders must be available to begin training May 30, 2017. Remaining Trip Leaders must be available to start training on June 5, 2017. Training for all staff will conclude on June 14 or 16 with trips beginning one or two days later. Trips run until early August, followed by one or two final workdays to clean and store gear.


  • Internships available.
  • Paid training.
  • Certification reimbursement.
  • Invaluable experience in leading an outdoor adventure camp: logistics, trip planning, managing group dynamics, backcountry skills, and general leadership skills.
  • Traveling and playing outdoors in beautiful places, getting paid to do things most people never get to do!
  • The satisfaction of seeing real personal growth in yourself and the teens as a result of your hard work and leadership.
  • Lasting friendships and amazing memories!
  • Opportunity to creatively apply your skills and ideas to improve the program – you can have a concrete impact on its present and future operation.
  • And of course, competitive pay and an invitation to return for future seasons based on great performance! Returning guides are eligible for salary increases.


  1. How is EPIC distinct from other camps?
  2. What positions are available?
  3. What will I be doing? What is a typical day like?
  4. What qualifications should I have?
  5. What are the most important qualities in an EPIC Adventure guide?
  6. What training will I receive?

How is EPIC Adventures distinct from other camps?

    • We travel.
    • We pick up the campers in two convenient locations (Austin and Dallas)
    • Campers of all experience levels are on our trips. They don’t need expensive gear or prior outdoor knowledge.
    • Camp is all about the campers. It’s about their desire for exploration, greater responsibility, freedom, and adventure – we help teach them how to get there.
    • We contract with outfitters to provide whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and caving – you are there to chaperone the group and enjoy the experience with them.
    • We lead our own backcountry and multi-day river trips – you are the guides for these portions of the trips.
    • Our campers learn all the skills required for day-to-day activities such as shelter-building, stove operation, cooking, clean up, backcountry skills, fire-building, water filtration, etc. They ultimately take full responsibility for these tasks on the trip and work as a team to get chores done so everyone can relax and play. You are the coach to help them succeed.
    • Our campers experience challenges along the way, but they also have a reason to be proud of themselves for accomplishing things that few teens ever do!

What positions are available?

Each EPIC Adventures trip is led by no fewer than three coed staff members. Head Trip Leaders and Trip Leaders ultimately will do many of the same tasks and their roles will overlap as they strive for the best possible teamwork. All leaders are expected to be role models for our students and maintain a high standard of morals, integrity, and judgment. Emphasis is placed on teaching students rather than babysitting, requiring staff to have the ability to identify and use “teachable moments.”


Head Trip Leaders oversee all aspects of the program while en route. Trip leaders are responsible for managing group dynamics, motivating the group, maintaining safety standards, and coordinating with outfitters. In addition, they are responsible for any medical issues which may arise, requiring good risk management and decision-making skills.


Trip Leaders provide additional leadership and support for the trip. They will coordinate with the trip leader, manage group dynamics, motivate students, and reinforce the efforts of the trip leader.


What will I be doing? What is a typical day like?


Days with EPIC Adventures are long and exhausting, but also fun and fulfilling! In a given day, EPIC guides teach new skills, motivate and inspire teens, hike out to see the sunset, tell crazy jokes, regal the campers with stories, set boundaries for camp, do maintenance checks on the van, follow through with discipline, plan for the next day, navigate Class III and IV rapids, rouse everyone from bed in the morning, direct camp set up and break down, sing songs at the top of their lungs, play games, confirm reservations with outfitters, prep gear and food for backpacking, drive the van a lot, and much more. Guides also creatively respond to the unexpected – tire blowouts, sickness, and weather changes. No day is the same, but every day is an adventure.


On travel days, you’ll spend a lot of time in the van. You might be driving, navigating, napping, reading, or keeping the campers entertained (or at least peaceful). During stops, you’ll oversee campers and their purchases (so they don’t use up all their spending money) and help with fueling up and doing maintenance checks on the vehicle.


Rafting days usually involve hustling everyone through camp duties and breakfast in order to be at the outfitter on time. You may also need to pack snacks or lunch. You’ll ride the rapids with the campers, acting as a chaperone and having splash wars. Afterwards, back in camp, there may be time for swimming or games before cooking dinner and evening programming.


Backpacking days will involve a lot of hiking, LOTS of motivating yourself and the campers, water filtration, cooking, setting up shelters, putting up bear hangs, etc. With good time management, there will still be time for relaxing and exploring.

What qualifications should I have?

  • At least 21 years of age by June 1, 2017 and in good physical condition
  • WFR (preferred), WFA or WAFA (may be earned or re-certified after hire before training starts)
  • CPR (may be earned or re-certified after hire)
  • Previous leadership experience
  • Strong work ethic with good judgment and decision-making skills
  • Desire to work with teens and/or previous experience working with youth
  • The heart of a teacher and coach

Other desired qualities include technical outdoor skills, previous summer camp experience as a camper or leader, photography and video skills, inspiring life experience to share with campers, adventure travel experience, outdoor knowledge of NC, AR, CO, TX or UT, and working knowledge of Leave No Trace.

What are the most important qualities in an EPIC Adventure guide?

The best EPIC guides are great coaches, great learners, and great team players. Their top qualities include flexibility, dedication, motivation, enthusiasm, and positivity.


They’re in it for the growth and the experience more than the pay or even the fun. They see the best in campers and peers. They are trustworthy and patient and enjoy building relationships. They like to teach. They are proactive, hard-working, and able to learn from mistakes. They would rather solve problems than complain about them, and they like to communicate with and rely on their teammates. They can shape a positive atmosphere out of a challenging situation. Perhaps most of all, they are committed to creating incredible, positive, memorable experiences that the campers will be telling stories about for years to come.

What training will I receive?

We conduct two weeks of paid staff training at the beginning of the summer. Training covers camp skills, backcountry skills, leadership, group management, logistics, cooking, van/trailer driving and more. We like to hire those with prior outdoor technical experience, but if you have the attitude and leadership potential with teens that we are looking for, we can train you in the required hard skills. Initial training takes place near San Marcos, with a 2-3 day backpacking or river trip occurring in the second week.

To Apply:


Application Form and References

Please fill out the application form on our website and return by email to Kristin Personius at kristin@myepicadventures.com. Include three professional references who are available to be contacted by phone or email.

Interview (2 parts)

We will review your application and contact qualified applicants within two weeks to set up an initial interview. We like to meet with you in person if possible – otherwise, we will arrange to interview over Skype or by phone. A follow-up interview may be scheduled with current and/or former staff or with the camp director.


Once the interview process is complete and references are successfully contacted, offers of employment will be extended to qualified candidates, followed by an employment contract to be signed and returned by the new hire.
Do you have questions that aren’t answered here? We’d love to talk! Contact Kristin at kristin@myepicadventures.com or 817.879.1454.


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