To provide unique opportunities for young adults to reach beyond their limits challenging them to grow and mature into self confident leaders in the safest and most positive environment possible.


To provide high quality adventure programs for young adults led by well-trained, motivated, and experienced role models. We strive to have our alumni reflect upon their time with EPIC Adventures as a defining moment in their lives giving them purpose and direction.

 Camp Philosophy:

We were founded with a burning desire to provide unique opportunities for young adults to reach beyond their limits. We wanted to challenge them to grow and mature into self-confident leaders.

We also knew that through intimate outdoor experiences our students could become more self-confident, more aware of the natural wonders around them, and find a newfound set of environmental ethics to carry with them throughout their lives.

In today’s world, young adults are overwhelmed with technology and the daily pressures of family, friends and school. We believe that time spent in the outdoors and removed from these distractions provides a perfect place to reconnect with themselves and discover what they really want out of life. By connecting with our small groups and making life-long friendships, we find that many of our students unexpectedly discover their true potential for the first time in their lives.



Summer Camp

Summer Camp in Texas

EPIC Adventures was founded with a vision of providing a unique summer camp for teens that focused more on personal growth, outdoor adventure, and goal setting rather than a traditional camp where teens were not challenged. We wanted to establish an summer camp for teens who were looking for something different and who were excited about the challenge of pushing themselves to achieve awesome goals. We understand that today’s teens are looking for more opportunities to push themselves and when given these opportunities they have the opportunity to shine! EPIC Adventures wanted to give teens a chance to gain confidence in ways they could not get at home and away from the daily pressures of school, family, and friends. These ideas are what EPIC Adventures was founded on and at it’s core is still all about!

Service Programs 

Service Work

As the camp began to grow, we saw another opportunity to incorporate another passion of EPIC Adventures- traveling and service. EPIC Adventures worked through their network of personal contacts in various locations across Texas and the United States to create service programs that combined the core values of their summer camp to allow young adults opportunities  to gain first hand experience on how they can impact the world around them. It was important to us that these programs go beyond the standard experience many students have had in the past as we want our volunteers to really feel like they did something rather than just show up to get a t-shirt. Our students expect more than “run of the mill” experience so we designed active hands on programs laced with outdoor adventures in amazing locations. These trips fully embrace everything that makes EPIC Adventures unforgettable. “Explore Beyond the Destination. Discover the Journey!”